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New photos are still pouring into the shop, and this one recently made its way there. Have a peek here.


yarn storage

Over the weekend we built this new unit for all of my yarn. It was such a great project to work on and I love the way it turned out. I still have more yarn on the shelf directly in front of this and in all of the deep drawers. But this works great for the large amounts of yarn I have to order at one time. It beats having to line it up along the wall where it easily gets knocked down by the littles ;)


best day

When the day starts out with rain and clouds, I know its going to be the best day ever.


etsy podcast interview

My Etsy podcast interview is up! To be honest, I was so scared to do this but after (I say after because I was still so nervous) I really enjoyed it! (And as for the question I could not think of an answer for on the spot...the greatest lesson I have learned is to believe in myself). ;)  

The interview can be found on convome.com or iTunes.


ombré cowls for little ones

The Little Ombré Eastport is now available in the shop. There are 3 to choose from, and the colors are endless. I had so much fun creating these :D Expanding the littles line is so much fun. What to create next...
Shop the little eastport cowls, here.


Little Oomingmak

new photos of the Little Oomingmak sweater are now in the shop! 
Also, NEW pieces coming soon! Just waiting for a chance to photograph them :)
happy sunday!


in denim

I've only had a couple of pieces shown in the color denim, wayyyy long ago when I first started my shop. And I decided to show the color once again…and I love the way these turned out.
Also, I started my big summer sale today. It will last one week at this discount, and then will go on sale at a lesser discount. Enjoy!



new photos of the rainier hat are up in the shop, as well as a ton of others.
happy monday!
shop ozetta handmade, here.


short post sunday

If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it. If you don’t ask, the answer is always no. If you don’t step forward, you’re always in the same place.
— Nora Roberts 



I am almost done photographing new shots...
its always nice to be done with this step so I can concentrate on other things for the shop. I am about to dive into an overwhelming task that I have never attempted before, that will take about 3 months to complete. I hope it pays off in the end :D
is it only Tuesday?


hello june

we welcomed june by taking a small camping trip.
and we so look forward to going again.
happy sunday and happy june friends!



Sometimes I forget what got me to this point. I forget the pieces that make up this whole. The errors, negativity, even the positive. But today, I chose to remember purposefully and reflect. It's been a six year journey (almost). I am where I am today because of my amazing customers. Because of you. The support, love, and friendships have pushed me to become greater. Even better that I could ever imagine myself to be. When I first started my shop, I never dreamed it would become what it is today. Prayers have been answered, goals have been achieved, and bigger dreams have been ignited. I try to stay focused and trust in God and my talent to propel me forward. So today I humbly remember who I was. What I am. The amazing things I can do, all from two small hands. No dream is too big. You can truly do anything.


Little Arapaho

Here is the new piece for little ones, the Arapaho poncho. And if you haven't noticed the trend-all of the little pieces are exactly like the adult accessories. Finley was such a great model today with daddy's help! :D
find the Little Arapaho, here.


hello montana

Today, I shot 2 pieces on demo. Ugh. But I did get a good laugh out of it :) 4 pieces/new photos are in the shop and more to come. Also, I made another NEW kids piece so stay tuned! Yay!
Shop the Montana infinity scarf, here.



The color cranberry is always so hard to photograph. 4th time to take these and I think I finally got it right. The lighting has to be perfect to capture this color :) I hope you are enjoying your Memorial Day weekend!
find it here,
ozetta shop


keep your hands warm

new photos of the oxfords in grey marble. last year, I lost count how many sweet customers asked if these had a thumb hole. I felt so bad that the photos didn't translate this. So I made sure to show this in the new photos (3rd image) and in the listing details. :)
Find them here, ozetta shop.
Also, I went out and purchased around 40 skeins of yarn today to make pieces and shoot them for the shop (not new items, just new photos). Can't wait to get started and edit them. If you look at all of the details that goes into making a shop, you would easily lose count. And the best part is, I love every step. There is not one thing that I dread. I am so blessed and overwhelmed with gratitude that I can call this my job.
xx to all of you!


miniature loom

/ my newest obsession-making looms. and i love the simplicity of the little ones.
/ driftwood from oregon.
/ pink lemonade.


a handmade work life

As requested, here is my typical work day. I decided not to include the days where I clean house, we go out, etc. Just a typical every day work routine. This also is during my slow season schedule. During my busy season its even crazier hours and the pieces I make vary between 12-15 a day. Sometimes, if I am lucky 17. Yes, all on my own.
^ Generally, I wake up between 7:00-8:00 a.m. depending on when I went to bed the night before. Or how much I worked. If you have been following me here on this space, you know I am not the best morning person and I have grown to be okay with that. Night time is when I get my groove going and when I feel I can get the most done. Renew items in shop.
^ First thing I have to do is eat, which is usually cereal, LIFE maple brown sugar is my current fav. I try to get some reading in during this small time, but usually I am getting up constantly to take care of and feed the littles. I then clean up after their mess, my littlest knows how to make the biggest messes…always. Next, I plan what I am going to make for dinner and set out whatever I need to. (Tonight we are having chicken tostadas). I cooked a whole chicken the other day in the crock put and am using the leftover chicken for meals that I froze. Its easier this way, and faster for busy days. Especially Mondays.
^ Shower and get ready for the day. Usually takes about 30 minutes without interruptions from the littles. Get the kids dressed, teeth brushed etc.
^ Do a little home school work with my oldest. And fun crafts with my youngest. We do about 30 minutes of school.
^ I try to make 1-3 pieces before lunch time. I busy the kids with playing outside, play-doh, playing with their toys, etc.
^ Lunch time. I have currently been loving egg sandwiches with tomatoes and spinach or a spread. Make the kids their lunch and once again clean up after their mess.
^ Play time with the kids before their naps at 12:30. My oldest who is 4, is usually the better nap taker. Some days he gets to skip and have quiet time. Or we build awesome cars out of play-doh ;) This time is when I try to get the most work done. And also where I usually crave my cup of coffee (or 2). I've always been more of an afternoon coffee drinker. My favorite is Dunkin' Donuts original blend and I mix it with Folgers 1/2 caff. I use International Delight sweet cream because I don't like my coffee too strong. And I like to top it off with 1/2 and 1/2 that has been heated and whipped. And cinnamon is always my favorite spice to sprinkle on top.
^ I then Instagram what I am currently working on/doing. And I Instagram almost every day. This weekend I didn't have the chance to, and yesterday I worked all day long finishing 11 pieces. Whew. During nap time I try to finish at least 3 pieces. 4 if I am on a roll. Or, if the light is good and I have pieces to photograph for the shop, then I use this time to take photos. This morning I finished an Oomingmak sweater in taupe, Matanuska hat in black (customized with pom poms instead of fringe), and started the baby blanket above.
^ They usually nap between 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 hours. (Sometimes it not this long, but most days it is). The best thing is a schedule for kids and I strongly believe in it from birth. Its how I can maintain 'me' time and finish large work loads. So after they get up, they want snacks and have lots of energy. We go outside and hang in the sandbox, pool (and by pool I mean kiddie pool), ride gators/4 wheelers, chalk, gosh summer time is great because they can stay busy outside. :)
^ My husband usually gets home anywhere between 4-6:30. It just depends on how long they have to work that day. This morning he had to be at work at 4 a.m., so fingers crossed he will get to be home earlier.
^ I start making dinner an hour before I know he will be home (if later). And if earlier, we hang out outside/water flowers, sit on the front porch, etc. My in-laws got us front porch rockers for Christmas that I am in love with.
^ Dinner is usually between 6-6:45. And again, clean up after the littles. Kitchen. Floors. You know.
^ After dinner the kids usually go outside again with my husband while he tends to the never ending yard work. And I will try to work in that small time. Or go outside and tend to the flower beds if we didn't get to before dinner.
^ Get the kids ready for bed, YAY! at usually 8-8:30.
^ Work out. Currently, I am loving P90x3. This work out routine is just 30 minutes long instead of an hour. Perfect for me because of all the work I try to get done in the day.
^ Us time. Lately, we have been enjoying watching Thunder basketball, Game of Thrones (oh my gosh, yes)…we are up to speed with all episodes and have loved this new season so far. We don't watch a lot of TV, its mainly baseball or some type of series (we loved Homeland, House of Cards…) And I always work during this time as well.
^ My husband usually goes to bed around 10:30 and I stay up working. This includes responding to all convos I didn't get to throughout the day, e-mails, IG comments. I package all orders that I completed in the day to be shipped out the following day. Work on orders. Edit shop photos if I took any during the day. My husband drops all of your packages off at the PO for me. Such a nice guy ;) And I usually stay up working until 1:00-2:00 a.m. The time I am working I am usually watching NetFlix. In October I started the Vampire Diaries and was instantly hooked. I bought this season on iTunes and watched the last episode yesterday of the season. Oh my gosh! If you watch it…you know what I am referring to! I also watched Pretty Little Liars (all seasons on NetFlix but am currently behind 2, Gossip Girl…you see the trend).
^ Before I go to bed, I like to plan out my next work day. What needs to get done, go over any special notes on orders like customizations, t-ball games for my oldest (he is currently 10-0)! ;) I also journal in my personal and blog (as of lately) ;). I have also been jotting down notes on my f/w 2014 collection all throughout the day, and I am most inspired during the evening time. I already have 3 pages full of ideas. I cannot wait to get started on it. I also renew items again.
^ Wash face, brush teeth, do all of the night time routine stuff ya know. And then check my phone for any convos, IG, and my ozetta Facebook page. And yeah, thats about it you guys! I know, its totally boring and really not surprising probably. But its just a typical every day work routine. And actually, the most fun I could ever ask for in a work day. ;)
Happy Monday friends! Now off to Instagram to share about this blog post and then I will work on the baby blanket some more. After that, the Calgary lace scarf in fisherman. Madawaska hat in navy. And Togiak scarf in plum. More if its a good day/staying focused.
(Thank you to those who requested this)!


Little Madawaska

NEW Little Madawaska hat in the shop. He was so excited to have a turn 'modeling' his hat. Find the new hat, here.


telling secrets

telling secrets / NEW hats for littles coming soon. But as for the Little Holocene, you can find it in the shop now. P.S. The secret was I love you.