Mini Spring Collection

Hello friends! The new spring mini collection is now available, super excited about these fun bright colors in the shop. A great way to add color to any outfit. Shop the Limited Edition pieces ozetta.etsy.com :)
Find the collection here.
›› ›› Also, ALL ITEMS IN THE SHOP ARE 30% OFF FOR A FEW DAYS ONLY. Prices are as marked (not valid on a custom order request or previous orders). Discount not applied to limited edition pieces.


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When starting a new project, I like to keep in mind the different options of needles that creates stitches. There are many to choose from, and I think that it is important to know the differences. The different types of needles include metal, wood, and plastic. And I love using all of these for different pieces I create.
. Metal (what I love to use for crocheting only) creates a tight structured look and feel.
. Wooden (what I use for both knitting and crocheting, but mainly knitting) creates a loose soft texture. And they are nice to hold. My favorite type of needles for knitting.
. Plastic (what I use for mainly crocheting) is a lot like the wooden needles. However, I feel like the texture of stitches created are more in between the metal and wooden. My favorite to use for crocheting.
These are just my personal preferences, the above could be totally wrong in your case, but its what works for me :) I know everyone crochets/knits differently.


oh, hi

I've been away from this space due to being featured shop on Etsy (oh my gosh, it still feels like a dream)! and not having a camera for 3 months. When we went to Colorado, I somehow lost my battery charger and didn't have enough time to pick up a new one. But, I did instagram almost every day~so yay if you are following me there!
I won't be blogging as much as I have in the past, so new updates here will be 1-2 times a week. However, you may follow me on instagram where I post almost daily.
(repost from my instagram account-search 'ozetta')


say it simply wednesdays

while getting ready, E asked me-momma, you almost done?
and I said, yes. I just have to put my make-up on.
he groaned, and said but that will take forever. I like you just the way you are.




moments to reflect

Quiet moments to reflect. I took my knitting, coffee, and quilt outside.



okay guys! Here is the BIG NEWS!!! Etsy contacted me while we were in Colorado to be their featured shop! This is the most amazing honor you can receive on Etsy, so I am pretty excited!!! Go read my interview!


say it simply wednesdays

the other evening my little man came running into my office, and he said-momma! hurry, come and
look! its beautiful, the sun is everywhere!
I ran after him and he was right. the sun was setting and it was everywhere.
he told me it even reached the roof tops.
he says the most profound things.


something is coming

I have some exciting news to share soon.
more exciting than the time I graduated college.
or rode in a hot air balloon.
or went to the mumford and sons concert in my hometown.
or the time I rode every roller coaster at six flags and blacked out on the last one.
or when I visited the Goonies house.
or when I saw a baby black bear climbing our fence in Alaska, soon followed by the momma.
more exciting than the time-
well, you get the picture.


short post sunday

One day, you’re 17 and you’re planning for someday. And then quietly, without you ever really noticing, someday is today. And then someday is yesterday. And this is your life.
— John Green 

(Today, I am 28. Someday is today)...


minnetonka feature

Minnetonka moccasins contacted me to be featured on their facebook page Friday.
so, this morning I woke up to this! I am honored to be included and chosen!
follow my instagram-search ozetta.
& of course follow Minnetonka, because well, they are cool!;)
*photo collage from their facebook page


this is halloween

it seems as though nature is ready for Halloween as well.
also, I feel preeeettttyyyyyy silly.
I took my camera in, prepared to buy a whole new one. I took the lens cap off and showed the lady at the camera shop the shattered lens. Well, it turns out (I completely forgot that I had bought a filter for the lens)...and only the filter lens was broken. The camera/lens was completely fine!
I still would like to have a new camera in the future, but this one still works perfectly. And the photo above shows just how well it still works :)
its almost the weekend! and Sunday is my 28th birthday....what???!!!
(no edit on the photo above).


say it simply wednesdays

he said momma, they have hats!
and sister bear tried to eat one.
I love my littles.


short post sunday

There is something—for me—about coffee that is deeply personal and healing and always comforting.
— Meg Fee


say it simply wednesdays

my mom is a blessing to me, especially these past few days.
she called me while we were eating dinner and told me she would watch the littles before their nap so I could get orders done.
it was needed at that moment more than she could ever know.


sunset in the mountains

the photo taken above was the view from our room. at night the mountains lit up from the sunset, and its called 'the alpine glow'. ohhhh, just beautiful.
remember last year when my camera lens was dropped, and the bulb broke inside?
A couple of days after we got back from our vacation to Colorado, and over 1500 pictures later...I opened up my camera bag and found that my lens had shattered.
in the bag. with the lens cap on.
so much bad luck with my camera the past year.
I have had trouble with it, and there is dust showing up on all of my images that have to be edited out. so maybe its just time to get a whole new camera. I have had the same camera for 5....6 years? never had any problems and then the past year my lens has broken twice.
so, now I am trying to decide what to do. get a whole new camera or new lens and have the camera cleaned....
will let you know what I decide :)


f a l l

life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall- F. Scott Fitzgerald



when we vacationed to Colorado, the aspens were just starting to change.
we were driving along 'the million dollar highway' when we spotted an area full of aspens that had changed. it was literally a slice of heaven, so gorgeous and when the wind blew-the yellow leaves went with it. it felt like another world.
God truly makes beautiful things, and I am so thankful to have seen something so extraordinary.
I photographed some new photos of the Chinook cowl in oatmeal, a new piece from the cozy season collection. I practically lived in the cowl above, since I made it for myself. and will probably be seen in it most of the time this fall/winter.
*fun fact, I named the Chinook cowl after the 'Chinook winds' in Alaska. and a strong Chinook can make snow one foot deep almost vanish in one day.
find the grey marble one here.
and the new oatmeal one here.