Let's Stay Home collection, now in the shop!

The mini Christmas collection is now available in the shop. Visit my Facebook or Instagram page for a special code in the notes to seller to receive a deer or fox ornament :) I have a few left!


Let's Stay Home, a mini holiday collection

Stop by the shop tomorrow morning, November 17 for a peek into the 'Let's Stay Home' mini holiday collection. I hope you all had a lovely weekend!


yarn room

My favorite thing about my office, or yarn room as the littles call it, are the shelves my husband and I built together. Nothing makes me happier than walking in here and seeing all of the orders that have to be made / / /
Also, orders are starting to pour in for the holiday season, so please be sure to put your order in early if its a Christmas gift!



Have you watched the Outlander series? Then you know exactly where this cowl is inspired from ;) Now in the shop.


Fall Into Winter 2014 NEW collection

The NEW Fall Into Winter collection lookbook is now live, you may view it here. If you follow my instagram, you will have noticed a few sneak peeks and the awesome location we shot at. I hope you enjoy my new collection, its been a wonderful creative journey! You will find limited edition pieces as well as new knitwear including sweaters, multi colors, and wool blends.


new cowls

Since I retired the Barrow cowls, I knew I wanted to get something in the shop that resembled them (using the same type of yarn). So I came up with this design, I hope you like it!
See the 5 new colors here.



6 years ago I heard the quote, "a dream deferred will hurt you over time" and is what ultimately drove me to push the 'open shop' on etsy. I had this crazy idea to turn my passion and the story of my grandmother and I into a cohesive thing. A way to honor her and keep her close to my heart. My dreams still scare me, but they certainly are not being put aside. Also, I truly do not believe that the measure of success lies in the number of sales, its what you accomplish along the way and how you impact others. Believe in what you make.


. . .

New photos are still pouring into the shop, and this one recently made its way there. Have a peek here.


yarn storage

Over the weekend we built this new unit for all of my yarn. It was such a great project to work on and I love the way it turned out. I still have more yarn on the shelf directly in front of this and in all of the deep drawers. But this works great for the large amounts of yarn I have to order at one time. It beats having to line it up along the wall where it easily gets knocked down by the littles ;)


best day

When the day starts out with rain and clouds, I know its going to be the best day ever.


etsy podcast interview

My Etsy podcast interview is up! To be honest, I was so scared to do this but after (I say after because I was still so nervous) I really enjoyed it! (And as for the question I could not think of an answer for on the spot...the greatest lesson I have learned is to believe in myself). ;)  

The interview can be found on convome.com or iTunes.


ombré cowls for little ones

The Little Ombré Eastport is now available in the shop. There are 3 to choose from, and the colors are endless. I had so much fun creating these :D Expanding the littles line is so much fun. What to create next...
Shop the little eastport cowls, here.


Little Oomingmak

new photos of the Little Oomingmak sweater are now in the shop! 
Also, NEW pieces coming soon! Just waiting for a chance to photograph them :)
happy sunday!


in denim

I've only had a couple of pieces shown in the color denim, wayyyy long ago when I first started my shop. And I decided to show the color once again…and I love the way these turned out. Enjoy!



new photos of the rainier hat are up in the shop, as well as a ton of others.
happy monday!
shop ozetta handmade, here.


short post sunday

If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it. If you don’t ask, the answer is always no. If you don’t step forward, you’re always in the same place.
— Nora Roberts 



I am almost done photographing new shots...
its always nice to be done with this step so I can concentrate on other things for the shop. I am about to dive into an overwhelming task that I have never attempted before, that will take about 3 months to complete. I hope it pays off in the end :D
is it only Tuesday?


hello june

we welcomed june by taking a small camping trip.
and we so look forward to going again.
happy sunday and happy june friends!